Astroswan - behind the name

Besides working as a lawyer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, I also work as an astrologer.

Astrology was a secret interest in my life since my earlier twenties. As I slowly became more and more absorbed by its universe, a whole new value system and life perspective unfolded. The effect in my own life was noticeable in a very positive way, and a year ago I decided to begin sharing my knowledge and insights so others can get as much benefit from it, as I have had.

Astrology is not a religion or a life philosophy for me. It is intuitive and a concrete tool based on my believe that everything consists of energy and when one thing moves, it affects another. So it's not hocus pocus but without a doubt magical.

The name Astroswan came to me very spontaneously. It's not because the swan is my favorite bird, or I'm dreaming of being a swan prinssese, even though I was a ballet dancer in my teenage years. I have days when I think it's a bit too pretentious, but then I try to remind myself of the symbolism.

Swans do well in water, on land and in the air. They can see the great perspectives from above, dive under the surface and keep their feet on the ground. 

At the same time, the swan is also associated with true love and partnerships, it is said they only have one partner through out life. As a Capricorn Sun I highly relate to that kind of dedication.

In folklore and fairytales they are connection to transformation, and it is an animal that occurs in many tales, cultures and mythologies and is said to attract those with healing abilities.

I did not know all this when the name came to me in and the image was chosen ... but maybe it's not completely off.

If you need to know more about astrology or wish to get to know me better before you book a consultation, you can follow me on Instagram @astroswanliving.

A blueprint of your life

I believe in every persons free will and that you can lift energies and expressions from fear, limitations and ego-based to positivity, gifts and development opportunities. I see your birth chart as a floor plan of your life. How you choose to live out the floor plan, if you build and live in all rooms, build high or low, in glass or wood is entirely up to you. But the potential of a magnificent building with everything you could ever wish for is there. And as an astrologer, I consider it my main purpose to convey the knowledge stored in the floor plan to you and give you the key to opening the potential, gifts and development opportunities of it.

Is an astrology reading for me?

An astrological reading is for you if you:

- Consider what your purpose here in life really is.

- Are curious about what your resources and abilities are.

- Need a supplement to a therapist or coach because you feel stuck in old patterns.

- Are faced with making big decisions in your life and are in need of support to make the right choice.

What do I need to know?

An astrological reading with me contains 90-120 minutes of preparation from my side, and 90-120 minutes of consultation with me at Frederiksberg or via Skype. The consultation is recorded on an audio file that is sent to you.

You do not need any prerequisites or knowledge about astrology. Just bring your curiosity and know your birthplace and exact date of birth, ie. year, month, day and hour/minutes. If you do not know the exact time, the reading will not be as precise and will be shorter. Data must be sent to me no later than 24 hours before our agreed booking.

I rarely give annual horoscope readings or predictions, as my experience is that most people are looking for predictions / yearly horoscopes to gain control and/or want positive news after a hard period. In my experience, both roads will often lead to disappointments and unnecessary concerns or worry, and it is not my wish or the purpose of an astrological consultation from my point of view. In connection with a birth chart, I will mention relevant transits for the coming period. However, if you want a more in-depth analysis of the energy of the coming year, I offer a separate consultation on this.

If you regret your booking or need to cancel, you must do so within 24 hours in order to avoid paying for the consultation.

How do I book?

You write a private message to me on Instagram or on, find me on Facebook here or call me at +4528569476


Please check my page with all the sessions here . All prices are exclusive of possible cross boarder payment fees. 


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